Satluj Water Body Wetland, Rupnagar (Ropar Wetland)

Over 250 species of migratory birds fly in here every year in winters. This 30 km stretch of crystal clear water in scenic surroundings is a popular spot for angling, kayaking, canoeing, boating and swimming. Considering the wetland’s importance as a ecological zone and its diverse and rich biodiversity, Ropar Wetland is one of the 26 sites in India listed under the Ramsar Convention. Rupnagar is 1 hour from Gaj Retreat, on the way to Chandigarh.

Naina Devi

This famous shrine and Shaktipeeth is 15 kms ahead of Anandpur Sahib, on top of the highest hill in the vicinity, providing panoramic views of the low-lying ranges, the towns and the river Satluj. The temple is over 1200 years old and attracts thousands of devotees during the Navratras. Naina Devi is 50 kms from Gaj Retreat.

Anandpur Sahib

The town is known for being the place where the Khalsa was founded. Anandpur was established by Guru Teg Bahadur on the banks of River Sutlej and it was once fortified by five majestic forts. Of these, the main fort built in red brick by Guru Gobind Singh, is still standing. A subterranean well inside the fort, accessed by a sharp flight of stairs, is an intriguing feature of its architecture. Guru Gobind Singh is said to have remained incognito within the fort’s walls when Aurangzeb’s army invaded the town in his pursuit. It is here that the annual Hola Mohalla festival is held. There is also the Sri Guru Teg Bahadur Museum, which was built in 1983 in commemoration of the third centenary of the Guru’s martyrdom. Anandpur Sahib is 30 minutes from Gaj Retreat.

Bhakra-Nangal Dam & Gobind Sagar Lake

This is one of the world’s highest gravity dam, constructed across the River Satluj. Its massive reservoir, over 90 kms is length and around 6 kms in width, known as Gobind Sagar, has been named after the tenth Sikh Guru, Guru Gobind Singh. A major attraction of the place is that there are great boating facilities here. If you are searching for serenity and picnics, then the Gobind Sagar Lake at Bhakra is just the apt place for you. For visiting the dam permission is required from the PRO Nangal. It is also possible to fish near the dam at its reservoir with either a special permit or through one of the tour operators, which can be arranged. The dam is 15 kms ahead of Nangal.