A peek into the local way of life is an essential feature for the guests at Gaj Retreat. Visitors are encouraged to participate in some regular village activities, where possible, to better understand the rural lifestyle and gain respect for the hard work done in the villages. Activities in which guests can participate include milking and bathing of buffalos, making jaggery from sugarcane, pottery and farming.


Guests are welcome to experience this invigorating short trail, down to the fruit orchards and the ancient natural spring, to enjoy a picnic surrounded by the sounds of birds chirping and beautiful views of the nearby forest and ravines. Special picnic baskets and meals can be ordered in advance from the Restaurant.


The area around Manaswal is teaming with small wildlife like rabbits, deer, wild boars and a wide variety of birds. We have identified view-points near certain watering holes, from where tourists accompanied with a trained local can wait and watch the animals and birds. To make the wait more enjoyable, guests can take along delicious packed snacks from our Restaurant.

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